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To create a professional network of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, military and civilian, committed to serving the Nation by providing leadership, education, mentoring and fellowship opportunities.  Building on the sacrifices of the past generations we continue to promote diversity, advancement and retention of all leaders.

Goals and Objectives

  • Forge a strong sense of commitment toward Service to Nation and in answering the Call to Duty.
  • Assist the US Military in articulating the importance of diversity in the Total Force.
  • Help the military services sustain and grow highly competent leaders.
  • Provide a venue (counseling, mentoring, networking, fellowship, community relations) in supporting the advancement of all leaders through professional development and leadership positions.
  • Provide educational and leadership training opportunities that contribute to professional and personal development.
  • Promote a synergistic, professional learning relationship between the experienced mentor and interested officers and civilians.
  • Exchange information/ideas for better awareness of our interests in culture, military service, experience and values.
  • Recognize accomplishments, create an environment for professional equal opportunities such as promotion, school selection and assignments.

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PPALM, P.O. Box 2771
Arlington, VA 22202

PPALM Email Address: communication@ppalm.org

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